It’s all the Adobe CC training you need in one place, for less than $5 per course

It’s all the Adobe CC training you need in one place, for less than $5 per course

If you’ve ever done any photo editing, you’re likely familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Beyond that, you may have had some exposure to a few of the other popular Adobe apps like Illustrator or InDesign. But it’s likely that beyond the big guns, Adobe’s Creative Cloud hosts a ton of powerful apps you’ve never once experienced.

You can get a handle on the full Adobe digital media package with the Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle, which is currently over 90 percent off, just $29 from TNW Deals.

In all, this training features seven courses covering how to use six of the CC’s top programs.

  • Adobe Photoshop (a $79 value): It’s the world’s most popular photo editing software for a reason. Learn how to do photo retouching, poster design, digital art, coloring, and more with Photoshop.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (a $79 value): What Photoshop is to images, Premiere Pro is to video editing…and this is where you learn how it all works.
  • Adobe InDesign (a $79 value): For graphic designers working on books, magazines, brochures, flyers and more, InDesign is the platform where you make it happen.
  • Adobe Illustrator (a $79 value): Understand how to create and manipulate vector graphics to produce logos, icons, sketches, typography and more.
  • Adobe After Effects (a $79 value): Need to generate special effects for a video project? After Effects makes it easy to add extra flourish to any video.
  • Adobe Flash & Animate (a $199 value): Now that you know Premiere Pro and After Effects, get familiar with Adobe Flash/Animate to create your own professional-grade animation.
  • Introduction to Animation (a $79 value): Go deeper on the specifics of generating animated sequences for video projects, games, interactive media and more.

You can either train on each program separately and spend hundreds of dollars — or get the whole package for only $29 while this deal lasts.

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