Here’s the library that’ll turn you into a real web developer — and it’s yours at your price

Here’s the library that’ll turn you into a real web developer — and it’s yours at your price

One aspect of web programming for a living that often gets overlooked is the freedom it offers to chart your own career course. While experienced coders can certainly get hired with companies both big and small in a host of roles, many web developers instead build healthy businesses on their own as freelancers.

As a technological “gun for hire,” you can work projects you enjoy for clients you select with a day-to-day schedule that works for you. You can get started down that path to career independence with the knowledge in this Ultimate Web Developer eBook Bundle — and you can get it at your own price.

This package includes 7 eBooks packed with all the learning it takes to go from a complete coding novice to a trained pro.

From the basics of foundational programming languages like JavaScript and C++ to powerful tools like Java and Git, your groundwork in the field is right here. You’ll also be guided through more advanced fields of study, including philosophies for designing tight compact and compelling apps.

You’ll even get some hardcore dos and don’ts for those looking to turn coding into a 9-to-5 (or even a 6-to-2 — the options are endless). Your books include:

  • Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design eBook ( a $59.99 value)
  • Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job, 3rd Edition ( a $29.99 value)
  • Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 3rd Edition ( a $44.99 value)
  • Professional Java for Web Applications ( a $59.99 value)
  • Professional Git ( a $50 value)
  • Professional C++, 3rd Edition ( a $49.99 value)
  • Professional Java EE Design Patterns ( a $49.99 value)

You can score the entire package of all seven books by matching the average price paid by other shoppers. That price fluctuates, but it’s all but guaranteed to be a lot less than you probably think. You can get in on this limited time offer now before it runs out.

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