ZenMate keeps you and your info protected and free online… and now, it’s just $49.99 for life

ZenMate keeps you and your info protected and free online… and now, it’s just $49.99 for life ...

If you’re looking for a more ringing endorsement for enlisting a VPN provider, look no further than the countries fighting against their use. In recent months, both Russia and China have taken strong stances against VPNs. China even asked Apple to remove VPN services from China’s App Store, according to Reuters.

Countries intent on controlling and restricting the internet see VPNs for what they are: a way to travel cyberspace unshackled and uncensored. You can attain that level of freedom with a lifetime of ZenMate Premium service for just $49.99, an over 90 percent savings off its regular price, thanks to TNW Deals.

With ZenMate, you will browse the web fully cloaked under top-level encryption, hiding your IP and masking your traffic to assure total online protection. ZenMate allows you to get around geo-blocking restrictions so you can watch streaming services, news content or social media that may be blocked by governments or businesses in your region.

With over 41 million users, ZenMate utilizes a server network with locations in 30 countries, ensuring full ultra-fast coverage from anywhere in the world any time you need to get online.

Whether you’re on a desktop or laptop, tablet or phone, you’ll be covered — and ZenMate even offers security protection features of its own, blocking malware and malicious sites from messing with your devices.

With this limited time offer, you can get a lifetime of ZenMate Premium access (an $840 value) for only $49.99.

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