Make your travel memories pop with these two super-cool photo accessories

Make your travel memories pop with these two super-cool photo accessories

Whether you’re traveling on a trip of a lifetime or just getting out of town for a couple of days, nobody wants to cart a bunch of unnecessary junk around. Travel light, travel smart is the mantra…and if you want to document your journey with your phone or with more advanced tech, TNW Deals has a pair of super-cool accessories that take that ideal to heart — both at major discounts right now.

First, you can get amazing, steady photos or video anywhere, anytime with the Pakpod Adventure Tripod ($69, 30 percent off). A Best Photo Accessory pick from Outside Online, the compact, lightweight Pakpod is ready to deploy in any locale where you need to lock down your phone or camera.

Compact and lightweight, the Pakpod unfolds quickly, attaches to most phone models, then secures neatly to turf, sand, snow or most any other surface to snap awesome pics. It’s perfect for time lapse photos or video…and since it’s waterproof, it can even serve as your invaluable camera aid for any underwater shoots.

Meanwhile, if you’ve graduated to using a DSLR for your photography, grab a Spark Camera Remote ($59, 20 percent off) and you can start stepping out from behind your camera. Spark connects to the camera in three ways: traditional wired trigger, infrared sensors or via a phone app.

Just set up your camera, then use the Spark remote to click your shots, even up to 100 feet away. In addition to snapping exposures, your Spark can also adjust your camera settings to start shooting long exposure, time lapse or other interval-determined advanced features whenever you like.

Beef up your photography game with both of these easy-to-use, space-saving devices and start coming home with the best travel pictures and video around.

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