Facebook serves 2 billion people — get them all on your side with this Facebook advertising course

Facebook serves 2 billion people — get them all on your side with this Facebook advertising course

Yes, even your Mom has a Facebook page nowadays. And sure, some of the youngsters may have been drawn to more exotic social media platforms. Yet despite its years at the top of the social mountain, Facebook shows no signs of losing effectiveness. In fact, it only seems to be growing stronger with more than 2 billion users worldwide—that’s almost a quarter of the Earth’s entire population.

Obviously, a platform that enormous carries some significant marketing weight. Now, you can learn how to leverage that weight to drive users to your products and services with this Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course ($9 from TNW Deals).

This course, led by instructor Jerry Banfield, covers everything the effective marketing whiz needs to drive the power of Facebook advertising toward their intended audience. Through practical, real world examples, you’ll learn how to target Facebook Ads the right way, spiking your click-throughs and engagements while actually lowering how much you spend.

You’ll tackle increasing web traffic, lowering your cost per click and conversion, building conversion tracking pixels, generating leads, and even marketing through specific Facebook groups.

Once you’ve conquered this more than 27 hour bundle, you’re still not done. With lifetime access, you’ll be able to constantly take advantage of new content, including fresh lectures added every month.

With up to 2 billion potential customers out there, it’s time to dig into all the Facebook universe has to offer…so jump on board with this training for about the price of a movie ticket — just $9.

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