Throttle Pro dumps the spam and junk from your inbox for life — and it’s 80% off


We’re all under constant assault from spam email.  No matter how many times we get our names removed from various lists, our inbox still seems to overflow every day with offers and correspondence we don’t need.

Throttle Pro takes a serious approach to weeding out unwanted emails. And right now, you can get a lifetime of their stringent email control service for only $99 (80 percent off) from TNW Deals.

With the Throttle Pro browser extension, you can generate a single-use email address whenever you’re filling out a form or interacting with a service. From there, it’s a simple click to decide if you want to receive new emails from that outlet or lump all your less-than-vital mailings into one, single daily digest email.

Just think of it… you can cut all those irrelevant emails and constant notifications down to just once a day.

With Throttle Pro’s Scam Shield, you’ll be able to see who might be selling or sharing your email address, then shut them down with a single click.

You’ll be close to that pristine clean inbox we all dream of with the services of Throttle Pro, which are also available on three years ($89) or one year ($39) term plans. Protect your email now for less than $100 before this offer runs out.

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