Read and understand a bestseller in under 30 minutes with Instaread, now 90% off

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You should read more. We’ve all said it to ourselves. You hear about a great new book and you think, “I should pick that up.” Then life happens. Before you know it, that book is on a list of hundreds of titles under the category, “I wish I wasn’t so busy so I could get to that book.”

For those of us too busy to crack all the books we’d like to read (which is basically all of us), a lifetime subscription to Instaread (now just $49.99 from TNW Deals) may be just the solution.

Instaread is just that… a nearly instantaneous way of diving into a book, understanding its meaning and boiling down key takeaways – all in a matter of minutes.

With Instaread’s simple, intuitive app, you get detailed overviews and analysis of hundreds of non-fiction books, chapter by chapter. Through text and even audio, you’ll get the full book experience and dig into each tome’s deeper meanings, all in less than 30 minutes each.

Instaread currently offers a virtual bookshelf including over 560 New York Times non-fiction bestsellers, with 20 new books added to the list every month.

Just think – with Instaread, you can get through a whole book (maybe two) on a normal drive to the office or just while you’re out running errands.

In addition to the lifetime pass, 1-year ($24.99) or 3-year ($39.99) subscriptions are also available now, but this deal (an up to 90 percent savings) is only going to be around for a limited time.

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