Track every project and team member easily with Task Pigeon – for under $60

task pigeon

Project management in the 21st century often takes more than getting everyone in the conference room for a meeting. With remote workers, team members linked in via mobile devices and non-traditional work shifts, it can be a nightmare trying to get everyone on the same page. Which is why Task Pigeon may be just what you and your office need to tie all your work together.

You can try out the organizational and workflow workhorse Task Pigeon right now at the special price of just $59 for lifetime access, thanks to TNW Deals.

Once you fire up Task Pigeon, get your whole team on board and you’ll be able to monitor everyone’s progress, share files, comment and collaborate and generally keep a finger on the pulse of an entire project.

Geared toward freelancers and small businesses, Task Pigeon will help keep everyone from all departments (sales, marketing, human resources, operations) looped in and on point toward your ultimate goals and deadlines.

Let Task Pigeon optimize your business projects at a vast discount off its regular price – only $59, an 89 percent price cut, while this offer lasts.

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