Get 2TB of cloud storage for life — for under $50

cloud storage

Cleaning up your computer is more than simple aesthetics. Years of accumulated pictures, videos and assorted files on your hard drive don’t just create piles of extra stuff on your system — they actually contribute to slowing down your computer significantly.

You can clear out that file glut and get your computer back to top performance with 2TB of Zoolz Dual Cloud storage space, available right now (for life!) for just $49.99 from TNW Deals.

With Zoolz’ premium service, you get two options for storing all that data. First, you can fill up 1TB worth of Instant Vault, keeping your files safe under military-grade 256-AES encryption, while remaining easily accessible at any time. With Zoolz Smart Selection, they’ll even help you quickly figure out which files you’ll send to the cloud, yet stay fully restorable to your system in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, you’ll also enjoy 1TB of Cold Storage, which is where you cram all the data you just don’t use very often, but can’t quite throw away. Cold Storage offers the same level of encrypted protection, but takes a little bit longer to access (just a few hours) once you’ve locked it all away.

Zoolz isn’t just a computer’s hall closet though. You’ll have automatic backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention and other great extras.  To lock in 2TB of lifetime Zoolz storage would usually cost over $7,000, so get in on the limited time offer to enlist Zoolz services for only $49.99.

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