JavaScript is the web’s most used language – master it for only $29


More than any other programming tool, JavaScript has quite likely had the greatest impact on how individual users interact with the web.

From interactivity to visual effects to extended functionality, JavaScript is the spark that makes a web page pop. And with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle (now just $29 — over 90 percent off — from TNW Deals), you’ll get a complete understanding of the internet’s real “secret sauce.”

Across 15 courses, you’ll elevate from basic JavaScript syntax and procedures to utilizing complex frameworks and libraries that may create website experiences on par with the greatest sites around.

Your immersive instruction will introduce you to how tools like Angular, Underscore, Bootstrap, D3, and Grunt give added dimension to static pages. Before long, you’ll even be crafting powerful, yet elegant mobile apps using JavaScript.

Your code will perform better, run faster and look better with this JavaScript training and allow your work to stand on par with other pros in the web development arena. Unlock all this valuable training (regularly valued at over $1,000) for only $29 for a limited time.

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