Snap dazzling smartphone pics every time with this amazing camera lens set (59% off)


With clip-on lens sets becoming all the rage among smartphone and tablet shutterbugs, it isn’t always easy to figure out which clips work best for your particular phone or tablet model. The LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set takes a smart approach to solving that problem. Right now, you can pick up this nifty lens set for $39.99 (59 percent off) from TNW Deals.

With the innovative Limeclip system, you’ll get three separate attachment options, each created to clip perfectly to a specific iPhone, iPad, or Android model for the best possible fit.

Once your lens is firmly in place, that’s when the real fun begins. With the dual macro/wide-angle lens (10x macro/0.67x wide-angle), you can shoot macro shots with a sharp, short depth of field to make those tiny subjects truly pop. The same lens does double-duty for wide angle images, allowing you to take in an entire vista in one gorgeous panoramic click.

You’ll also get a fisheye lens (with 190° visibility) to make all your artistic images come out even artsier than you envisioned.

This double-barreled blast of photographic brilliance usually costs almost $100, but score this package right now for just $39.99 before this offer expires.

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