Stay powered-up and connected, with 30% off the Satechi Smart Travel Router

Stay powered-up and connected, with 30% off the Satechi Smart Travel Router

If you travel frequently for work or pleasure, you know how difficult it can be to keep your gadgets charged and connected while on the move. But now, you can solve all those hassles with just one essential gadget: the Satechi Smart Travel Router.

Globally compatible with power outlets in over 150 countries, the Smart Travel Router lets you charge up your mobile devices with a USB port and AC output that can work simultaneously. Plus, it packs a wireless router that can enable Wi-Fi access for all your devices, act as a repeater to boost the available signal, and even act as a client for a smart TV or game console that plugs into the Router via and ethernet cable.

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Travel Router

The Smart Travel Router is as practical as it is useful: its power prongs fold up when not in use, so you can stash this compact 7-ounce cube in a laptop bag or purse and carry it wherever you travel. And now, it’s available at a special low price at TNW Deals.

Get the Satechi Smart Travel Router for only $34.99 — that’s 30 percent off the sticker price! Order now to work and play around the world, your way. This deal includes free shipping inside the US, and is available internationally for an extra fee

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