This article was published on July 22, 2010

YouTube Music gets a huge refresh; lovely new features.

YouTube Music gets a huge refresh; lovely new features.

When you ask nearly anyone where they go on the Internet to listen to music, an overwhelming majority will say YouTube. The social video service is well aware of this fact, and has made some rather slick changes to the YouTube Music page in view of that.

According to the YouTube Blog:

Our revamped music page – part of a redesign that started with our shows and movies pages – showcases the most viewed music videos, specialpromotions, curated playlistsunsigned talent and gives you the ability to create on-the-fly mixes.

Beyond the new look, there’s a wealth of fresh functions for finding new music, listening to playlists and soon you’ll even be able to find local music listings. The “Events Near You” service isn’t live yet, but we’ll keep you up to date as we find more information.

Probably the coolest feature? Mousing over one of the sections along the top will give you an instant peek at the playlist for that section. It’s a great way to see if one of the sections interests you, or if you’d rather pass.

Along with the new My Videos section on YouTube, these are some pretty welcome changes. Check it out, leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s see what people like.