This article was published on October 13, 2009

Welcome to The Next Web Asia!

Welcome to The Next Web Asia!
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Business development manager in Shanghai, always up to play with shiny gadgets, firecrackers or eat Shabu shabu. (Japanese hotpot)         Business development manager in Shanghai, always up to play with shiny gadgets, firecrackers or eat Shabu shabu. (Japanese hotpot)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Check out                                                                                                                               • Got Twitter? ♥ -> @Joop

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 7.42.16 PMGlad you found us! (Via Techcrunch, Inquistr or HQ perhaps?)

At HQ, we’ve have always worked hard to feed you the latest developments from Europe, The United States and the Middle East. However, over recent months we’ve noticed a rapid increase in tech news interested from South East Asian countries.

We have always kept a close eye on countries like South-Korea, Taiwan and Japan, but we observe that India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and Thailand are entering the world stage as well. Top graduates – both Asian and western – from US and EU universities are heading to Asia to grow with the market and establish the companies that will form our nextweb.

What does this mean for you? Be informed, connect and learn about the important developments in this area. This special Asian chapter of The Next Web will keep you in the loop off all things tech and Asian.

What you can expect

  1. Asian Industry insights – our experienced team will bring you comments and analysis from the Asian market.
  2. Translated local news – Get aquatinted to the Asian market by reading news that might otherwise have been hidden from you.
  3. Coverage from local events – Get up to date information about conferences, meetups and background of Asian webscene.

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Asia’s 5 hottest stories from the last week

  1. How Chinese men searching for “village of hot lesbians” broke the Internet in Sweden
  2. China has 30% more Internet users than the US, time for global web dialogue
  3. South Korean Government goes web 2.0
  4. Five richest Internet entrepreneurs in China
  5. China bans foreign investment in online games: O RLY?
“Welcome, xin chào, 你好, こんにちは, 안녕하세요, สวัสดี!”

The Team

Regina WaltonRegina Walton
Lived in South Korea for eight years, moved back to the USA this year and now lives in New York, NY. Founder of Organic Social Media, providing blogging and social media services. Used to write columns for the Korea Herald newspaper. Earned her master’s in international studies from Ewha Womans University, earned her J.D. from University of California, Hastings College of the Law and earned her B.A. in English and philosophy at UCLA.
Follow Regina on Twitter or go to her profile, page or blog for more information.

GeorgeGeorge Godula
George Godula, Shanghai resident for 4 years, is co-founder of Web2Asia – a full-service market entry partner for Western Internet companies in China, Japan and Korea. The company additionally incubates and invest in local start-ups in the region. George is also the Managing Director of the international direct marketing agency MH | direkt’s Asian subsidiary.
Read up on his company and subscribe to his Twitter account here.

LucasLucas Englehardt
Lucas Englehardt is a China entrepreneur, CEO of BloggerInsight and co-founder of Shanghai’s hacker space 88 Spaces. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and NPR, he advises, speaks and blogs about tech and startups in Asia. Originally from the US, he speaks Mandarin Chinese and enjoys stinky tofu. Learn more about BloggerInsight and follow Lucas on Twitter.

Mathew McDoughallDr Mathew McDougall
Group CEO & Executive Chairman of the SinoTech Group in Beijing, China. A group of Digital Marketing companies that help their clients in online marketing strategy, search marketing, online media buying/planning & operates large Ad Marketplace. Fanatical (and passionate) about Social Media and Digital Marketing.
Read up on his company, blog and subscribe to his Twitter account here.

MarcMarc van der Chijs
A Dutch entrepreneur in Shanghai, over 9 years in China. CEO of Spil Games Asia, co-founder of and angel investor in Chinese start-ups. Married to Grace, with whom I have a son (Scott) and a daugher (Elaine).
Read up on his blog and subscribe to his Twitter account here.

Masaru IkedaMasaru Ikeda
Masaru co-founded consulting firms, system integrators, and outsourcing agency specializing in system engineering. As well as being the managing director’s role at some companies, he’s been contributing serial columns to nationwide newspapers and IT periodicals, and he’s been teaching opensource-based system integration processes to students from Asia in Japan’s national aid program for developing countries. Recently, he was involved in the project developing the cellphone-based wallet system being operated by Japan’s largest cellphone operator.

Suna ChoSuna Cho
Blog mommy, interested in the tech blogging world. Just left Sweden and arrived in Shanghai, China to start exploring.
Read up on her blog and subscribe to her Twitter account here.

Jaideep KhandujaoJaideep Khanduja
Business Head & GM-QA, S In his tenure of 5 years in this corporate, he helped corporate to grow from 20 PCs setup to fully structured network, centralized mail server, in-house ERP on Oracle database and D2K as frontend tool, Routers, Intelligent Switches, Firewall, Video Conferencing Room, 100% up-time etc. all in place. Jaideep believes that Innovation, Team Management, Time Management, Skills enhancement, Learning, Knowledge Management and Mentoring are the best tools to grow.

Jasmine Ji Jasmine Ji
Coordinator in Customer service at Chemtura Shanghai. Born in Shanghai 26 years ago. Cheerful, romantic and a good sense of Chinese humor, interested in Boardgames.

JoopJoop Dorresteijn
Joop started blogging for The Next Web at the HQ in Amsterdam in 2008 and has been traveling to Asia since 1999. He is Business Development Manager for Spilgames, and lives in Shanghai. He likes shiny objects, Shabu shabu and firecrackers.
Read up on his blog and subscribe to his Twitter account here.

Are you based in Asia?

We are always looking for enthusiast writers, based in the continent; contact Joop

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