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This article was published on October 13, 2009

    The Next Web launches dedicated blogs for Europe, Asia, France, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Germany and more…

    The Next Web launches dedicated blogs for Europe, Asia, France, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Germany and more…
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    Former CEO of The Next Web. A fan of startups, entrepreneurship, getting things done faster, penning the occasional blog post, taking photos Former CEO of The Next Web. A fan of startups, entrepreneurship, getting things done faster, penning the occasional blog post, taking photos, designing, listening to good music and making lurrrve.

    “The web is a transnational machine, which you have understood from the beginning.”
    Kevin Kelly

    For those who have been loyal readers since our humble beginnings in early 2008, you will remember we made our name initially as a European focused technology blog and a spin off from the still very successful Next Web Conference.

    Soon after, the blog found a life of its own and the potential for a technology blog from an international stand point became something we found many of our readers appreciated. Over the course of the last year you may have noticed some pretty significant changes, we’ve grown our team substantially, and with that our visitors, twitter followers, subscribers influence and more.

    One of the consequences of such growth is we’ve slowly but surely been unable to pay as much attention to our roots, the European internet news, startups and culture. This has been preying on our minds for some time, but with the international readership we have been so proud to receive we also acknowledge that Europe isn’t the only technology hub in need of some attention.

    The News

    So without further ado, I’d like to officially introduce The Next Web International! A growing network of 8 international country blogs and two continent blogs, each devoted to internet news, startups and culture in their respected areas.

    The Continents:
    Under the “The Next Web” brand, we are delighted to present The Next Web Continents, beginning with The Next Web Asia and The Next Web Europe. These continent focused blogs are written in English and will contribute regularly to the TheNextWeb.com blog.

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    The Next Web AsiaKevin Korpi
    The Next Web EuropeZee M Kane

    The Countries:
    We are proud to introduce 8 international blogs or “hubs” all in their native language and aimed at their local markets, including; France, Russia, South Korea, The Netherlands, Turkey, Romania and Germany.

    These are the first 8 hubs to launch as part of our new and ambitious effort to provide International and local Internet News and Culture to every country in the world in their local language.

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    The Next Web FranceGuy Doyen
    The Next Web TurkeyOguz Serdar
    The Next Web GermanyPatrick Floener
    The Next Web RomaniaAdrian Bojinca
    The Next Web South KoreaSuna Cho
    The Next Web NetherlandsPatrick de Laive
    The Next Web Russia Sergey Beganskiy J

    These past few months we have been hard at work behind the scenes, talking to blog experts, start-ups and people from a lot of different countries. We switched to new servers and from a regular WordPress install to WordPress MU and coded our own language support and localization tools into the site.

    To make sure we were on the right path we also talked to a lot of internet influentials and asked their advice. Here is some of their feedback:

    Kevin Kelly (Writer):
    “Congratulations on taking the next step for the Next Web. The web is a transnational machine, which you have understood from the beginning. Figuring out how to do your thing in multiple languages will be a highly needed and valuable skill. My best to you”

    Loïc Le Meur (LeWeb conference founder):
    “Congratulations to the Next Web for their international efforts. In a Silicon Valley driven Internet entrepreneurial world we need good events all around the World and the Next Web just rocks”

    Howard Rheingold (Writer):“The Next Web is one of the online sources I check daily — a great blend of foresight, trend-spotting, analysis, and humor”

    Michael Arrington (Founder, Techcrunch):
    “Shows what you can achieve with hard work and a love for what you do. The Next Web have established themselves in the technology scene and I wish them the best of luck in this next phase”

    Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon):
    “What sets the TheNextWeb apart is a focus on the internet as a key driver for a global market. Their international view is unique, making their blogs a must read and their conferences a must attend for professionals like me who do business around the globe”

    Robert Scoble (tech evangelist):
    “I read thousands of news sources for tech industry information and the Next Web is on my short list of “must read”

    Pete Cashmore (Founder Mashable):
    “The Next Web is a must read for me: their coverage of the international tech scene and global web trends is invaluable. Going multi-lingual is an ambitious next step and I wish them every success”

    Tariq Krim (Founder Netvibes):
    it’s great to see the nextweb going International, Europe needs more entrepreneur platform and I wish it can bring the same vibes as the one I have experience in the conferences

    Scott Rafer (Successful Serial Entrepreneur):
    “It’s great to see the TheNextWeb folks branch out. I’ve attended the majority of their conferences, and they clearly know that growing a community means putting love & fun ahead of money. Here they go spreading the love again, this time into markets that the bigger blogs won’t touch until they can put money upfront. TNW’s hard work, tenacity, and innovation is going to push them to the top over the next few years”

    Jeff Clavier (Venture Capitalist):
    “The “Men in White” are at it again, this time launching their own network of blogs expanding on the success of the The Next Web. I have seen first hand the support they were bringing to their community of local entrepreneurs, with their conference and the high touch meetings they organized around it, and can’t wait to see how this scales across these new geographies. Best of luck, and looking forward to hearing about new gems they help discover”

    Duncan Riley (Editor Inquisitr):
    “The expansion of The Next Web across Europe and beyond provides much needed localised tech coverage that will not only help tech startups across Europe, South America and Korea, but also help bring their stories to a global audience”