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This article was published on September 29, 2009

    Five richest Internet entrepreneurs in China

    Five richest Internet entrepreneurs in China
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    Business development manager in Shanghai, always up to play with shiny gadgets, firecrackers or eat Shabu shabu. (Japanese hotpot)         Business development manager in Shanghai, always up to play with shiny gadgets, firecrackers or eat Shabu shabu. (Japanese hotpot)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Check out joop.in                                                                                                                               • Got Twitter? ♥ -> @Joop

    This morning, Bloomberg TV broadcasted their yearly updates about the 100 richest people in China.

    China now has 825,000 individuals possessing wealth of more than 1.5 million US, including 51,000 people with more than 15 million US. While there is much enheritant wealth in the west, most Chinese wealthiest aquired their wealth by themselves, and are commingle fairly young with an average age of 37.

    This made us wonder, with these young and ambitious new generation of wealthiest people, what are the top five wealthiest Internet entrepreneurs in China? We’re talking billionaires, people!

    top 5


    NameJack MaJack ma
    Net worth1.1 billion US
    Main SourceAlibaba
    Jack was a English teacher and tour guide for Hangzhou’s west lake. The founded Alibaba in 1998 with $60,000 in capital. The company, owned for large part by Yahoo went public in 2007. Alibaba Group also operates Taobao.com, a consumer e-commerce portal similar to Ebay; AliPay, an online payment system; and AliSoft, which makes business management software.


    NameDing LeiDing Lei
    Net worth7.5 billion US
    Main SourceNetease
    Ding Lei founded NetEase and became the richest individual in Chinese mainland in the year of 2003. Netease is a Chinese internet company that operates 163.com, a popular web portal which received over 546 million page views in June of 2005. The company has grown rapidly since its founding in June 1997, thanks in part to its investment in search engine technology and massively multiplayer online gaming.


    Name Ma Huateng Ma Huateng
    Net worth15.8 billion US
    Main SourceTencent
    Ma Huateng has spent his entire career in computing. He joined Runxun Communications Development Co. Ltd. in 1993. He later founded Tencent, the company behinds China’s most used chat client QQ. Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. In 1999. Revenues up 85% in first half 2008 thanks to boost in Internet advertising ahead of Olympics and popularity of such online games as Dungeon, qq Dancer and Cross Fire.


    NameShu Yuzhu Shi Yuzhu
    Net worth16.75 billion US
    Main SourceGiant Group
    “In 1992 Shi founded the Giant Group and went bankrupt in 1998. In 2007, Shi became a billionaire in US dollars. Giant Interactive develops massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, played by tens of thousands of players through networked game servers. Besides games, its prepaid game cards and game points are sold in more than 116,000 retail locations, such as bookstores, Internet cafes, and software stores.”


    NameRobin LiLi Yanhong (李彦宏) Robin Li
    Net worth17.59 billion US
    Main SourceBaidu
    Robin Li is the founder of Baidu.com, the leading Chinese-language Internet search provider, that looks remarkably simular to Google.com. Interestigly enough, the founder represents more net value then Eric Schmit, Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page combined.

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