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This article was published on March 23, 2012

Vimeo axes Desktop Uploader, says Web uploader will do just fine

Vimeo axes Desktop Uploader, says Web uploader will do just fine

Video sharing site Vimeo just sent out an email to users announcing the retirement of its Desktop Uploader (aka Vimeo Uploader), which let users – duh – upload videos to the service from a native desktop app. Shed a tear, shed a tear!

The app, which had been available since late 2009, is being discontinued because Vimeo basically feels its web uploader suffices.

The company recently made some improvements to the web-based uploading feature that essentially render the desktop app unnecessary to offer and support, Vimeo says in its message sent to users.

From the looks of it, the Desktop Uploader was actually discontinued months ago, but users were never informed up until this point. Judging by the responses on the forum post we just linked, users that did know were rather sad to see it go.

I’ve also embedded some tweets from miffed users at the bottom.

From the email Vimeo sent out earlier today:

When the Desktop Uploader was first released, it was the only way Vimeo members could upload files over 1GB.

Today, Vimeo members can use the web uploader to upload files up to 5GB, rendering the Desktop Uploader obsolete. But when it comes to technology, obsolescence is a fact of life.

We are confident that the benefits of the enhanced web uploader far outweigh the downsides to discontinuing the Desktop Uploader, and we feel this is the best way to improve uploading to Vimeo for everyone.

For what it’s worth: the web uploader also lets users upload multiple files at once and control upload speeds.

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