This article was published on October 21, 2015

Unity games can now take advantage of Crashlytics

Unity games can now take advantage of Crashlytics

If you’re building a game on Unity, you can now take full advantage of Crashlytics. Twitter has announced beta support for games built with Unity – a response to ‘heavy’ demand from developers.

Twitter says it wanted to offer a “completely streamlined on-boarding experience” for Crashlytics and Unity developers.

When I asked Twitter’s Senior Director of Product Jeff Seibert if demand was particularly high for Crashlytics and Unity, he nodded aggressively. “Heavily,” he said.

“We were seeing all of these requests, and Unity is the dominant gaming platform. We spent quite a bit of time really getting good at crash reporting for C# (C-sharp).”

Crashlytics for Unity is currently in beta, but interested developers can sign up at the Crashlytics beta testing site.