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This article was published on October 21, 2015

Twitter just added eight new SDKs to Fabric

Twitter just added eight new SDKs to Fabric

Twitter is weaving more services into Fabric, encompassing everything from mobile payments to scaling infrastructure. Today, the company is announcing eight new SDKs that add to the Fabric experience.

The new SDKs:

  • Stripe: Payment infrastructure for apps
  • AWS: Amazon Web Services, a cloud platform for data storage, networking and database management.
  • Optimizely: A/B testing for apps
  • Nuance: Dictation service. Makers of Dragon, and likely behind the last ‘natural language’ automated customer service menu you navigated through.
  • Appsee: Analytics platform for understanding how users actually use your app.
  • GameAnalytics: An analytics toolset focussed on mobile games.
  • Mapbox: Customizable mapping, location and direction service
  • PubNub: A data streaming network that helps developers build apps and scale globally.

Rather than try to build each of these services itself, Twitter decided it was best to partner with established providers. Asked about Fabric making use of these services, Twitter’s Senior Director of Product Jeff Seibert said “we recognized it’s not the best use of our time to go and reimplement all these other tools that other great companies have.”

“The question was ‘why would we spend all the time and energy building it if there was a great option?'” Like you, Twitter would rather work smarter.

These new SDKs are available today.

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