This article was published on April 26, 2016

Twitter now autoplays Periscope streams on Android timelines

Twitter now autoplays Periscope streams on Android timelines

Android users are getting a new Twitter feature today: Periscope livestreams will now autoplay on timelines. Previously, you had to click on a link to view broadcasts.

The feature first arrived on iOS back in January, so it’s nice to see Android catching up. No word on when the Web interface will see a similar update, but it’s only a matter of time now – especially with Facebook quickly increasing its hold over live broadcasts.

We’ll leave it up to you whether or not it’s a worthwhile integration. While it brings streams to a much wider audience – you don’t even need the Periscope app or an account – it could also disgruntle other users.

Just last week a teenager was indicted for broadcasting her friend’s sexual assault on Periscope. Twitter tries to weed out offensive streams as quickly as possible, but the company won’t be able to catch all of them. A bit ironic, given Twitter just released a tool aimed at fighting harassment earlier today.

Still, it’s not much different from any other videos that might autoplay on your timeline, and you can always disable video autoplay’s from your Twitter app settings. That might be a good idea if you’re tight on mobile data, too.

The company hasn’t specified whether the update will arrive via a server-side switch or an app update, but expect the feature to show up on your Android phones shortly.

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