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TNW2019 Daily: How to convince your boss to attend our conference

TNW2019 Daily: How to convince your boss to attend our conference Image by: Beto Ruiz Alonso
Ailsa Sherrington
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Ailsa Sherrington

Former Social Media Manager, TNW

Ailsa Sherrington is a former content marketer at TNW. Ailsa Sherrington is a former content marketer at TNW.

There are only 61 days left until our tech conference, everyone! It’s getting busy here at the office, but work can wait because today is International Women’s Day and that calls for a long lunch with my fellow female colleagues.

Anyways, let’s get into today’s TNW Conference 2019 highlights!

Here’s how to get your boss to buy your TNW2019 ticket

While we offer really good discounts to women in tech, developers, and under 30s (for just €149, BTW), not everyone falls under those demographics; and at the end of the day, why even pay for that discount yourself when you can just get your company to do it for you?

Convincing your boss (or HR if you’re lucky enough to be the boss) to attend is a walk in the park, because let’s be honest, our conference is pretty much the

Without further ado, here’s how to a-do it:

Step 1: Find their weakness
Do they admire someone who’ll be speaking onstage? Do they want you to “learn and grow” with your team? Do they want you to network and/or spread the company’s mission for world domination? Figure out what’ll get their attention.

Step 2: Exploit it for all it’s worth
TNW2019 has it all, so hone in on that weakness and pump it til it’s dry. Show them the sick lineup, check out our group deals so they can see why bringing your whole team is #worthit, or start listing all our cool partners that you can become best friends with.

Step 3: Profit
Once they say yes (and trust me, they will), then you can start planning for what you really want to do at TNW2019. Find out which speakers you want to see and which tracks get your heart pounding. More importantly, start building up your alcohol tolerance so you can hang with us at the afterparty (more on that soon).

You’re so welcome, no need to thank me.

Speaker spotlight: Karen Wickre

We have super cool women speaking at TNW2019, and many happen to be my own personal heroes. In my article about some of them, I didn’t get to express my affection for Karen Wickre.

Karen is the author of the best-selling book Taking the Work Out of Networking and the former Editorial Director at Twitter – essentially, she’s a communications expert. Don’t miss her talk, especially if you convinced your boss by telling them you want to network. Karen will give you the tools you need to do it successfully.

Alrighty, I’m off to convince Boris to let me come to TNW2019. Just kidding, I’ll be there. See you soon?

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