This article was published on June 15, 2020

This portable air cooler is a huge summer pickup for your comfort and your wallet

This portable air cooler is a huge summer pickup for your comfort and your wallet
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TLDR: The Nordic Hygge AirChill Personal Evaporative Cooler not only cools the air throughout an entire room, it’ll also save you serious money on your energy bill.

The average American power bill last summer was in the neighborhood of $140 a month. It’s safe to assume that a decent chunk of that total is also directly linked to trying to maintain some level of cool throughout your home as the outside temperatures rise.

Instead of firing up the air conditioner, blasting the entire house and watching your monthly bill creep toward the mid triple digits, the Nordic Hygge AirChill Personal Evaporative Cooler ($69.99, 29 percent off from TNW Deals) can keep your immediate space perfectly comfortable this summer without the huge electricity bills.

The AirChill is a unique portable air conditioner that cools and humidifies the air for serious comfort during hot summer months. With its minimalistic Scandinavian design, the AirChill fits virtually anywhere, from a work desk to a kitchen countertop to even your couch. 

While the whole unit is less than 7 inches across, Nordic Hygge promises the AirChill is twice as powerful as its closest competitors. Drawing hot air into the unit, then running it through the evaporative process before the high-speed fan blades push the now cooled air back into your environment, it rapidly brings down the temperatures of any room.

As for the 100 percent leak-proof, replaceable filter water tank, it’s easy to clean and change and the entire unit runs in virtual silence, so if you’re trying to sleep, the AirChill won’t sound like a buzzsaw churning through the air.

Even for those who aren’t all that tech savvy, the AirChill is simple to operate with an LED touch screen offering quick, accessible control to achieve just the temperature feel you want.

Speaking of feel, the AirChill creates a vibe all its own with its LED light, capable of generating seven different colors so you can always match the AirChill’s ever-present glow to your mood.

You can keep cool and save cash all summer long with the Nordic Hygge Airchill Personal Evaporative Cooler. Regularly $99, you can get it now for almost $30 off, down to only $69.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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