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This article was published on November 30, 2021

This solar generator set can power your home for up to a week. And it’s an extra 20% off right now

This solar generator set can power your home for up to a week. And it’s an extra 20% off right now
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Get prepared for anytime the power goes out with the Generark backup battery and solar power tandem, now at a special Cyber Monday price.

It’s a crazy world out there. Between fires, tornados, storms, and just good old fashioned power outages, there are a whole bunch of ways your power could go down and stay down for a while. And after suffering outages that affected more than 75 percent of the state and left thousands in freezing cold darkness for days last February, Texas is now warning residents to be prepared for the possibility of similar outages this winter.

An hour without power is bad enough. This Generark Solar Generator collection featuring a HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station and a SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel ($1,119.20 after code CMSAVE20 from TNW Deals) can help make sure the major power outage inconveniences and tragedies that others suffer won’t fall on you and your family.

Your home power protection efforts can center around the HomePower One, a versatile, portable, power supply that can be ready whenever it’s needed. This emergency backup stores more than 1,000 watt hours of power, which should be enough to keep many households up and running for about a week if their power goes out. That’s enough to keep lights on, appliances running, and devices charged for days while your utility works out the problem.

The unit is equipped with a truckload of plug-in potential, including 3 AC outlets, 4 USB-C and USB-A ports, and even a 12-volt car output to connect and feed power to almost any electronic device you need.

Even if your outage stretches beyond 7 days, the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel can help replenish your supply before it becomes a problem. Made from durable cloth and PET high-temperature resistant material, packed with monocrystalline cells and deployable in about 30 seconds, the SolarPower One can transition the sun’s rays into usable energy with about 50 percent higher conversion to regular solar cells.

Hook this panel up to the HomePower One and it’ll take the fully depleted power battery from zero to fully charged in less than a day.

This Generark Solar Generator tandem is usually a nearly $1,900 value, but as part of the TNW Deals’ Cyber Monday sale, it’s available now at an extra 20 percent off its already discounted price. Just use the code CMSAVE20 when you make your purchase and that will drop your total down to just $1,119.20.

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