This article was published on May 8, 2012

This Pinterest user turned her account into an online CV, and it’s landed her a job offer

This Pinterest user turned her account into an online CV, and it’s landed her a job offer

What do you do when you’re looking to get hired by a specific startup? If you’re Jeanne Hwang, and that startup happens to be Pinterest, well the obvious answer is create a Pinterest board saying as much.

Jeanne Hwang is a Harvard Business School graduate, has six years work experience at Right Media, Yahoo, Accenture & Kaixin, and has completed the New York City Triathlon. These are just a few of the details she has pinned to her, ‘Jeanne for Pinterest’ board.

Jeanne writes, “Hey Pinterest! Where else to showcase my background and love for Pinterest than right here? Click through the pins for more details, and check out my Pinterest for Jeanne board too. This ain’t your mama’s resume!”

Each pin introduces a point about Jeanne, detailing her skills, education, experience, achievements, and even her Klout score. Pinterest isn’t the only online tool she’s used to put together her ‘social media’ resume. Items which require more explanation lead to a post on her Tumblr blog.

The recruitment landscape is seeing a major shift. It’s OK to refer to yourself as a Wizard of Light Bulb Moments or to get creative with the ways you make sure you get noticed by potential employers. Hell, we’ve even got company’s wooing potential employees with public job offers on their blogs. So why not use Pinterest to create an attractive online CV?

While it doesn’t look like Jeanne has heard back from Pinterest yet, her decision to create an online CV has already produced some pretty impressive results. Francisco Guerrero, founder of Pinterest analytics site, Pintics, which we introduced to you in March says that he’s more than happy to offer her a position with them.

Pointing out Jeanne’s Pinterest CV to The Next Web, Francisco told us, “Based on this she totally should at least get a call from Pinterest.” He also told us, if she doesn’t, she now has the option of becoming the Vice President of Marketing at Pintics.

So if you’re tuning in Jeanne – get in touch with Pintics on Twitter, as you might have just landed yourself a job!

Jeanne Hwang’s Pinterest CV