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This article was published on May 2, 2012

Getting creative with job titles: overlords, wizards and ninjas are on LinkedIn too

Getting creative with job titles: overlords, wizards and ninjas are on LinkedIn too

When filling out your LinkedIn profile, you’re no doubt always thinking about putting your best foot forward, and for some people, their best foot apparently has quite a healthy (and geeky) sense of humour.

IntaPeople has released a list of the ten strangest job titles on LinkedIn, including ‘Digital Overlord’, ‘Creator of Happiness’ and ‘Retail Jedi’.

The full list is:

  1. Digital Overlord
  2. Creator of Happiness
  3. Retail Jedi
  4. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
  5. Dream Alchemist
  6. Chief Chatter
  7. Change Magician
  8. Accounting Ninja
  9. Chief Biscuit Dunker
  10. Direct Mail Demi-God

Professional no longer has to mean straight-laced. Why call yourself an accountant when you could be an accounting ninja instead? And seriously, who wouldn’t want to call themselves a ‘Wizard of Light Bulb Moments’?

There’s been a shift in the way that people present themselves and make sure they get noticed – from using Google Adwords, renting out an entire billboard or creating interactive videos.

Creativity has injected itself into business cards, resumes and more, so why not job titles as well?

The tactic does, however, come with its own set of risks, with some employers who might think it shows a lack of professionalism. Sure the corporate life might not be ready for its own set of demi-gods and jedis, but in the creative and entrepreneurial world, being a self-admitted demi-god can probably come in pretty handy.

If it’s a choice between using a Microsoft Word template to put together a typical resume and getting creative with everything from design to job titles – we’d like to think that a bit of ballsy creativity would come with its rewards.

Do you have your own creative titles that you use? Let us know about them in the comments.