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This article was published on April 21, 2011

    The 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Entrepreneurship

    The 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Entrepreneurship

    The conversation around entrepreneurship in the digital world and social media has escaped the walls of Silicon Valley and the community of entrepreneurs has gotten closer than ever. Entrepreneurs support and share their experience with each other and they get inspiration from success stories across the globe. But when interested in making a change with their businesses, who do they turn to for inspiration and guidance? We decided to take a closer look.

    We partnered with PeerIndex, to come up with a list featuring the 25 most influential people tweeting about entrepreneurship. Our top 25 list is not ranked based on their overall PeerIndex score, but based on each one’s topic resonance score, which measures their actions within the entrepreneur community.

    You can follow our list of the entrepreneur community’s top 25 influentials on Twitter here or get more info on the PeerIndex group we’ve created to stay on top of the latest news, get inspired or get valuable advice. And, let us know your suggestions for people to follow if you are interested in entrepreneurship in the comments!

    1. Steve Blank

    PeerIndex: 68

    Advises start-up companies and teaches at Stanford, University of California, Berkeley and Columbia. Famous for defining startups as: “a temporary organization in search of a repeatable business model.” Find out more about his work and books here.

    Follow @sgblank

    2. Brad Feld

    PeerIndex: 76

    Managing Director at Foundry Group, Mobius Venture Capital, Intensity Ventures, member of Board of Directors at Gold Systems, Co-Founder of TechStars (see our recent story) and Chairman at National Center for Women and IT.

    Follow @bfeld

    3. Eric Ries

    PeerIndex: 71

    Author of the book The Lean Startup, sharing his experience online on StartUp Lessons Learned.

    Follow @ericries

    4. Bijan Sabet

    PeerIndex: 69

    General Partner at Spark Capital, Twitter investor and board member.

    Follow @bijan

    5. Umair Haque

    PeerIndex: 85

    Director of the Havas Media Lab, author of The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business and founder of Bubblegeneration. You can read his posts on Harvard Business Review.

    Follow @umairh

    6. Mark Suster

    PeerIndex: 74

    Entrepreneur that sold both his companies, BuildOnline to publicly traded French company and Koral to and now is a partner at venture capital firm GRP Partners. Read more about him on Both Sides Of The Table.

    Follow @msuster

    7. Dave McClure

    PeerIndex: 76

    Founding partner at 500 Startups, co-founder/organizer at, founder/creator at GeeksOnaPlane, organizer & founder at Startup2Startup, advisor, investor & boardmember at myGengo, Twilio, Inc. and, advisor at, startup advisor and angel investor at 500 Hats LLC (Sole Proprietorship)

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    8. Rand Fishkin

    PeerIndex: 70

    CEO and founder at, and a published author. You can read his personal blog here.

    Follow @randfish

    9. Rob Go

    PeerIndex: 63

    Co-founder and partner at NextView Ventures, founding Advisor at Stealth Education Company. You can read his personal blog here.

    Follow @robgo

    10. Martin Varsavsky

    PeerIndex: 73

    Based in Madrid, Varsavsky is a tech entrepreneur and investor, founder of Viatel,, Jazztel, and Fon.

    Follow @martinvars

    11. Ben Yoskovitz

    PeerIndex: 61

    Founding partner at Year One Labs and founder, publisher at NextMontreal. He shares his thoughts on Instigator Blog.

    Follow @byosko

    12. Tim Berry

    PeerIndex: 63

    President and founder of Palo Alto Software. Founder of He writes about entrepreneurship in his blogs Planning Startups Stories and Up and Running.

    Follow @Timberry

    13. Roger Ehrenberg

    PeerIndex: 67

    Founder and managing partner of IA Ventures. Roger currently sits on the boards of BankSimple, Kinetic Global Markets, Metamarkets, Recorded Future, and The Trade Desk, and is a Board observer of SavingStar. He blogs at Information Arbitrage.

    Follow @infoarbitrage

    14. Vivek Wadhwa

    PeerIndex: 58

    Visiting Scholar, UC-Berkeley, Emory, Dir. of Research, CERC, Duke University, Sr. Research Assoc Harvard Law School, BusinessWeek, TechCrunch columnist. Read more about Wadhwa and his work here.

    Follow @wadhwa

    15. Bryce Roberts

    PeerIndex: 60

    Co-founder and managing director at O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV). At OATV he focuses on consumer and enterprise software and services investments.

    Follow @bryce

    16. Hiten Shah

    PeerIndex: 67

    CEO and co-founder of KISSmetrics. Shah is starting a free newsletter just for entrepreneurs, you can sign up for Hitenism here.

    Follow @hnshah

    17. Jason Calacanis

    PeerIndex: 71

    Founder at LAUNCH Media, co-founder at ThisWeekIn

    Follow @Jason

    18. David Cancel

    PeerIndex: 59

    CEO and founder at Performable. Previously started Ghostery, Lookery and Compete. You can read his blog here.

    Follow @dcancel

    19. Gary Vaynerchuk

    PeerIndex: 90

    Runs the consulting agency Vaynermedia and Internet’s leading discount wine retailer Wine Library. He is the author of the book The Thank You Economy.

    Follow @garyvee

    20. Mark Bao

    The youngest one in our list, Bao is president and CEO at Avecora, co-founder at Supportbreeze and EveryoneGive, CEO at Adaptance Advertising and Classleaf, founder and director at Genevine Foundation and The Center for Ethical Business, founder at Genevine and CTO, co-founder at TickrTalk. See our epic interview with Bao here.

    Follow @markbao

    21. Neil Patel

    PeerIndex: 68

    Co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. You can read his posts on entrepreneurship on Quick Sprout.

    Follow @neilpatel

    22. Sarah Lacy

    PeerIndex: 68

    Senior editor at, author of the book Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global Chaos. You can read her personal blog here.

    Follow @sarahcuda

    23. David Skok

    PeerIndex: 58

    General Partner at Matrix Partners, board member and investor at Enservio, board member at HubSpot, Digium, Inc and SolidWorks Corp. You can read his blog here.

    Follow @BostonVC

    24. Chris Dixon

    PeerIndex: 74

    Co-founder of Hunch and Founder Collective. Personal investor in early-stage technology companies, including Skype, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Stack Overflow and more. Read his blog on

    Follow @cdixon

    25. hussein kanji

    PeerIndex: 58

    Early stage technology investor, advisor to Chairman at Eros International Plc, board director at Nivio Technologies, advisor at Byhiras LLP and board member at International Alumni Council at London Business School.

    Follow @hkanji

    Don’t forget you can follow how the Top 25 changes over time via our PeerIndex group, you can also take a look at our previous Top 25 lists on Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing and Apple.