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This article was published on April 7, 2011

    The 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Augmented Reality

    The 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality made a big impact during 2010 in the way brands market their products and offer services, especially via mobile devices. Augmented Reality helps us visualize new ways to connect the online with the off line world, reshaping the way we perceive reality and promising richer experiences in 2011 as the  technology evolves.

    At the same time as Twitter is enabling its users to discover new people to follow according to their interests, we’ve partnered with PeerIndex, a service that offers topic-based authority rankings, to highlight the most influential people on Twitter on the topic of Augmented Reality. PeerIndex calculates its score by monitoring three key metrics:

    Authority: measuring how much can you rely on that person’s recommendations and opinion on a given topic
    Activity: measuring how much of a person’s activity that is related to the topic area
    Audience: measuring a person’s reach being generated from the number of people who listen and are receptive to what that person is saying.

    Our list is focused on people, not companies, and includes bloggers; industry insiders; CEOs; marketing and advertising people; as well as people working with AR startups.

    You can follow our list of Augmented Reality’s top 25 influentials on Twitter or get more info on the PeerIndex group we’ve created.

    1. Marshall Kirkpatrick

    PeerIndex score: 70

    Co-editor and Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb Marshall Kirkpatrick tops our list having written a number of posts on Augmented Reality business and the latest products.

    Follow @marshallk

    2. Takahito Iguchi

    PeerIndex score: 66

    Tonchidot CEO based in Tokyo. Takahito Iguchi founded Tonchidot Corp. in 2008 to develop the Sekai Camera AR service. His second account used to tweet in Japanese, @iguchiJP is almost equally influential, with Peerindex score: 64.

    Follow @iguchi

    3. Chris Grayson

    PeerIndex score: 64

    At number 3 we meet someone from the world of advertising – digital creative strategist Chris Grayson, who is also the Director of Digital at Grayson is a contributor to H+ Magazine covering Art at the intersection of Technology.

    Follow @chrisgrayson

    4. Gary Hayes

    PeerIndex score: 60

    Gary Hayes is based in Australia and is the director of and founder of Gary is an award winning multi-platform producer, author, educator and Director.

    Follow @GaryPHayes

    5. Brian Kim

    PeerIndex score: 59

    Tweets only in Korean, he is the CEO of GLARO. GLARO is Company of Industrial based Computer graphics art, making CBT (computer based trainning) contents for other companies.

    Follow @donisblue

    6. Jack Benoff

    PeerIndex score: 57

    VP, Product & Marketing at Zugara,  Jack Benoff describes himself as a recovering interactive agency guy that turned into an Augmented Reality startup guy, attempting to revolutionize how people shop online.

    Follow @jack_benoff

    7. Beverly Millson

    PeerIndex score: 56

    Founder of NPIRL, Beverly Millson focuses on virtual art, Augmented Reality, robotics and 3D immersive virtual worlds. She does PR for @BerkeleyBionics.

    Follow @BettinaTizzy

    8. Adrian David Cheok

    PeerIndex score: 55

    Professor in Keio University Graduate School of Media Design and Associate Professor in National University of Singapore.

    Follow: @adriancheok

    9. Gene Becker

    PeerIndex score: 53

    Becker works as an AR Strategist for Layar. He tweets about mobility, media, ubicomp, augmented reality, social stuff, invisible stories, infinite games, aurora digitalis and guitars.

    Follow @genebecker

    10. Jeff Powers

    PeerIndex score: 53

    Powers is the co-founder of @occipital, that enables users to capture and share everything in sight with 360 Panorama for iPhone.

    Follow @jrpowers

    11. Matthew Szymczyk

    PeerIndex score: 50

    Matt Szymczyk is the CEO & founder of Zugara, a Los Angeles-based Augmented Reality software developer working to make online shopping more social & engaging.

    Follow @KobraKai

    12. Danika Berlin

    PeerIndex score: 50

    Danika Berlin works at Augmented Reality company metaio

    Follow @twitt_AR

    13. Rich White

    PeerIndex score: 50

    A LAMP stack web developer and a 3D immersive environments user interface designer, developer and researcher. His primary professional interests are how 3D multi-user environments, Augmented Reality, and ubiquitous hardware merge for high fidelity learning experiences for kids.

    Follow @richwhite

    14. Fred Steube

    PeerIndex score: 48

    Digital Innovation Manager at Cox Target Media – Valpak, Fred Steube introduced industry-leading Augmented Reality as a digital product innovation resulting in a national promotion, B2B ad campaign and extensive publicity.

    Follow @steube

    15. Woontack Woo

    PeerIndex score: 48

    Director of CTI at GIST and associate professor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology. He tweets mostly about Context-aware Mobile Augmented Reality (CAMAR), ARtalet for Digilog Book and miniAR.

    Follow @wwoo_ct

    16. Andrea Carignano

    PeerIndex score: 48

    Co-founder and CEO of seac02, augmented and virtual reality pioneer and evangelist.

    Follow @Acarignano

    17.Raimo van der Klein

    PeerIndex score: 47

    The CEO of Augmented Reality browser Layar.

    Follow @Rhymo

    18. Etsuji Kameyama

    PeerIndex score: 45

    Etsuji Kameyama blogs and tweets both in English and Japanese on using Augmented Reality applications, services and technologies

    Follow @kurakura

    19. M. Lens-FitzGerald

    PeerIndex score: 45

    Co-founder & GM of Augmented Reality browser Layar

    Follow @dutchcowboy

    20. Benjamin Thomas

    PeerIndex score: 45

    Project Manager at Echangeur. Tweets about mobile, social media, design, Augmented Reality and man-machine interfaces.

    Follow @ben_thomas_ech

    21. Claire Boonstra

    PeerIndex score: 44

    Co-founder of Layar Augmented Reality browser and platform, VP Platform & Community.

    Follow @claireboo

    22. Rouli

    PeerIndex score: 43

    AR blogger at Augmented Times for the last two years.

    Follow @augmented

    23. Johannes la Poutre

    PeerIndex score: 41

    Augmented Reality Director & CTO of TAB Worldmedia.

    Follow @jlapoutre

    24. Peter Meijer

    PeerIndex score: 40

    Available for new R&D job at research institute, founder, owner and director at Metamodal BV, CEO and CTO at The vOICe

    Follow @seeingwithsound

    25. Mathijs Gajentaan

    PeerIndex score: 38

    A marketer,creative and New Media Producer with focus on Augmented Reality. CEO of Winvolve.

    Follow @mgajentaan

    Bonus Follow: Christine Perey @cperey (with PeerIndex score 29) is a researcher and consultant with rich experience in Augmented Reality and organizer of AR focused events