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This article was published on April 19, 2011

The 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Apple

The 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Apple

Apple can take pride in having the most hardcore fans in the tech world. In fact, according to today’s General Sentiment report Apple topped the list for the fourth quarter, expanding its lead over rivals Google and Microsoft. Apple geeks are more passionate than the Twilight moms and Harry Potter fans put together, but who do they pay attention to on Twitter?

We partnered with PeerIndex, to come up with a list featuring the 25 most influential people tweeting about Apple. Our top 25 list is not ranked based on their overall PeerIndex score , but based on each one’s topic resonance score, which measures how their actions within the Apple community.

You can follow our list of Apple’s top 25 influentials on Twitter or get more info on the PeerIndex group we’ve created to stay on top of the latest Apple news, and of course share your favorite twitterings on all things Apple in the comments below.

1. John Gruber

PeerIndex: 79

John Gruber writes and publishes the popular blog Daring Fireball and is also the creator of the formatting markup language Markdown.

Follow @gruber

2. MG Siegler

PeerIndex: 76

Another blogger on number two, MG Siegler writes for Techcrunch, but you can also read his posts on his personal blog parislemon.

Follow @parislemon

3. Lance Ulanoff

PeerIndex: 76

Editor-in-Chief of In his capacity as Senior Vice President, Content, for Ziff Davis, Inc., Lance oversees content strategy for all of Ziff Davis’ Web sites.

Follow @LanceUlanoff

4. Michael Gartenberg

PeerIndex: 71

Industry analyst at Gartner, technology columnist and speaker. Read his blog here.

Follow @gartenberg

5. John Paczkowski

PeerIndex: 69

Deputy Managing Editor at All Things Digital. From 1999 to 2007, he was the author of Good Morning Silicon Valley for the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley’s daily newspaper.

Follow @johnpaczkowski

6. Louis Gray

PeerIndex: 71

Vice President of Marketing at My6sense, Gray is also an advisor for Qwotebook, Paladin Advisors Group, Teens in Tech and He is author and publisher at

Follow @louisgray

7. Federico Viticci

PeerIndex: 48

Based in Italy, Viticci is the editor of the popular blog

Follow @viticci

8. Jason Snell

PeerIndex: 65

Editorial director at Mac Publishing, publishers of Macworld magazine and numerous tech-related web sites. He also writes about TV on, about college football at Excuse Me for My Voice and for online fiction magazine InterText.

Follow @jsnell

9. Andy Ihnatko

PeerIndex: 64

Andy Ihnatko is a technology journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a well known tech author.

Follow @ihnatko

10. Jim Dalrymple

PeerIndex: 62

Editor in Chief of LoopInsight. In the past Dalrymple held several positions at Macworld over the 10 years he worked there, including his final job as Editor at Large, before leaving in May 2009.

Follow @jdalrymple

11. Arnold Kim

PeerIndex: 57

Arnold Kim is the owner of MacRumors, a popular Apple rumors website. His other projects include TouchArcade and AppShopper. You can read his personal blog here.

Follow @arnoldkim

12. Chris Latko

PeerIndex: 57

Latko is a self-employed IT Professional with rich experience in Web development. Read his personal blog, Dreaming Of Beetles.

Follow @clatko

13. John Siracusa

PeerIndex: 60

Siracusa has been a Mac user since 1984 and has spent the last decade as a professional web developer and freelance technology writer. Read his articles on Ars Technica.

Follow @siracusa

14. Adam Christianson

PeerIndex: 39

Producer and publisher of the MacCast, a podcast about all things Apple.

Follow @maccast

15. Kontra

PeerIndex: 69

“Veteran design and management surgeon, perennially in search of complex problems to operate on”, shares musings on strategic design on CounterNotions.

Follow @counternotions

16. Dan Frommer

PeerIndex: 71

Dan is a founding member of the Business Insider and Silicon Alley Insider editorial teams. writes about non-tech topics at FromeDome.

Follow @fromedome

17. Charles Arthur

PeerIndex: 73

The Guardian’s Technology editor. Find his personal blog here

Follow @charlesarthur

18. Ina Fried

PeerIndex: 69

Senior Editor at All Things Digital, covering mobile stuff, author of the Mobilized blog.

Follow @inafried

19. Zee M Kane

PeerIndex: 70

Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web, Like him?

Follow @Zee

20. Audrey Watters

PeerIndex: 67

Writer at ReadWriteWeb, you can find out more about her, here.

Follow @audreywatters

21. Ian Betteridge

PeerIndex: 61

Digital content strategist/editor at Redwood Publishing, blogs on Technovia.

Follow @ianbetteridge

22. Glenn Fleishman

PeerIndex: 63

Regular contributor to, TidBITS Editor, read his personal blog here

Follow @glennf

23. Kevin Rose

PeerIndex: 95

Co-Founder and CEO of Milk Inc. Previously the Founder of

Follow @kevinrose

24. Dan Frakes

PeerIndex: 58

Senior Editor and the “Mac Gems” columnist at Macworld, where he also covers the Mac and iOS platforms, general and mobile computing, digital media, and consumer audio.

Follow @danfrakes

25. Marco Arment

PeerIndex: 67

Creator of Instapaper, read his personal blog here.

Follow @marcoarment

Don’t forget you can follow how the Top 25 changes over time via our PeerIndex group, you can also take a look at our previous Top 25 lists on Augmented Reality and Cloud Computing.