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This article was published on May 15, 2019

    Pay what you want and learn coding online with this bundle

    Pay what you want and learn coding online with this bundle
    TNW Deals
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    TNW Deals

    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    The word legendary gets thrown around pretty liberally these days. But seriously, shouldn’t we maybe hold back that term a bit and only use it when something really deserves the title?

    Thankfully, TNW Deals only wheels out that word when it’s warranted — hence, its use as part of The Legendary Learn to Code Bundle. It’s a massive, $1,800 package of online coding courses that’s available for the price you want to pay.

    It sounds ridiculous, but follow along.

    If you pay any total at all (even just $1), you’ll receive access to one of the bundle’s most engaging courses, HTML5 Game Development for Beginners with Phaser. It’s a fun primer on how to use the Phaser 3 game framework hand in hand with HTML5 to create a “Frogger” style game that’s playable across multiple platforms.

    It’s a great (and entertaining) start, but if you want to truly code like a legend, you need more. So by beating the price paid by other budding programmers, you’ll unlock another 12 courses covering, well, everything else.

    It’s all here, including Java, Python, C#, Angular, SQL, jQuery, Go and more. If all those terms look like a foreign language to you, well, this is where you learn that language.

    The bundle of 13 courses can be had for literally pennies on the dollar at your price with this limited-time deal.

    Like this deal? Check out Vault — you’ll get four premium tools, including NordVPN and Dashlane, to supercharge your online security. Enter code VAULTONE to try it out for just $1!