This article was published on May 17, 2012

No more +1’s on YouTube, now you’ll have to share your feelings on Google+

No more +1’s on YouTube, now you’ll have to share your feelings on Google+

Google has been integrating its social layer Google+ into all of its products lately. Gmail and YouTube have gotten the social treatment, but the latter made a bit of a tweak today.

Here’s what the YouTube team had to say on its Google+ page:

Starting today, we’re updating the way you can share with your Google+ circles from YouTube. Just click ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ as usual, and you’ll see the new Google+ Share link, as well as other popular service

The new sharing options, being kicked off with a “like” or “share” as YouTube states, lets you post to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Interestingly, what’s missing is the +1 button that used to add items to your Google+ profile as things you find interesting, not necessarily shareable for your stream. Here’s what that used to look like, according to YouTube’s help section:

By toggling the +1 on and off, you could share it….without really sharing it. What that means is you could +1 something without it going into your stream as an embedded video that people can comment on and reshare.

The +1 appears to be on the phasing out process as Google is trying to ignite more actual content sharing within streams, which of course gets way more engagement than a simple +1.

Here’s what the share button looks like now:

Google+ users in this announcement post are also asking the question “Hey where did the +1 go?”. Much like Facebook’s “Like” button, Google’s +1 is a lightweight interaction that factors into what content its algorithms show you as suggested content.

The new Google+ share button, which you’ll find here on TNW, is also phasing out the notion of a +1.

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