This article was published on April 4, 2012

LinkedIn launches new Group Search features

LinkedIn launches new Group Search features

LinkedIn has been busy expanding its reach since filing for an IPO. The company updated its People You May Know feature last week — one of its best ways to build connections on the site.

Now, some major improvements have just been announced for LinkedIn’s Group Search, to help its users find and engage with topics they care about. According to LinkedIn, millions of people use LinkedIn’s Groups every day, and so far there are over 1.2 million groups on LinkedIn about topics ranging from real estate to fashion to entomology.

As for the improvements, instead of relying on the title and description of the group, LinkedIn now gives you results based on how well your search matches the conversations taking place. This should help filter out dead groups, while revealing unexpected places of interest. LinkedIn also now highlights the groups that fellow connections are in; something that should have been implemented all along.

Additional changes include new search filters like network, categories and language, rounding out a number of notable improvements that don’t break new ground, but instead help improve the site’s overall experience.

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