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This article was published on March 14, 2013

Issue v1.3 – Want: Books

Issue v1.3 – Want: Books
Martha Pierce

Photographic inspiration

When it comes to gamification, there’s still lots to learn. These books definitely should make for a good starting off point. Also, we’ve included a wonderful physical book about the history of Zelda for good measure.

New York: A Photo Book
For all of you non-New Yorkers who’ve fantasized about living in the middle of Manhattan, Sex and the City-style, now’s your chance to see the city in a new way. Published by Marcus Kaspar, enjoy five digital chapters full of photographic beauty so stunning, you’ll be packing your bags – or at the very least, wanting it on your wall. And now comes the aha! Moment: you can. The majority of the photos in New York: A Photo Book are available for printing.

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Homeless in Downtown Los Angeles
Homeless in Downtown Los Angeles is…pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Gaelle Morand decided to capture the homeless men and women throughout LA in picture form, and man, did it work.
You can almost see street secrets in their eyes as they stare soulfully, and unapologetically, at (or away from) the camera lens.


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Atlas Photographique de la Lune
At just six bucks, this is definitely an app worth the download. Atlas Photographique de la Lune is widely considered one of the, if not THE, ultimate achievement in 19th century photography. Ironically, it’s now being digitally showcased in the 21st century and available on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Issued in 12 booklets, more than 71 photographs illustrate the moon’s surface, piece by piece. Each photo has a semi-transparent overlay, where moon experts Maurice Loewy and Pierre Puiseux (say that five times fast) mapped craters and rocky peaks.

A little surreal to think that all of this is now available at the tip of your finger. But we’re definitely not complaining.


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Underwater Dogs
Say it with me now: ‘Awww’. And then, ‘woah’. You’ve more than likely seen a dog jump into the pool or ocean, but you’ve never seen them this way. Underwater Dogs is now a digital catalog of more than 80 portraits showcasing dogs pushing through currents, their fur rippling in the waves, leaping, thrashing and paddling. In short, just being man’s best friend. Shot by the award-winning dog photographer (and animal rights activist, as it turns out) Seth Casteel, you’ll be flipping, re-flipping, through the images for hours.


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Photographs not taken
Through a series of contributions from photographers like Peter Van Agtmael, Gregory Halpern Emmet Godwin and a handful of other greats, Photographs Not Taken is a series of short essays about the idea behind a series of photos. Once they forgot conventional methods of photography, like lenses, high-tech cameras and the like, the magic happens.

Somehow, these essays translate just as beautifully as a crisp image – one that did make it past the shutter. Now that’s art.


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Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions took a note from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland: everything is upside down, inside out, topsy-turvy. For a $4 spend, you’ll get 50 illusions (and disillusions) in a variety of visual patterns, lines, shapes and colors. If you’re so out of it you can’t exactly understand where the illusion stops and the lines begin, little sidebars give a short explanation of how to separate reality from perception.

It’s a little trippy, no?


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