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This article was published on July 19, 2013

    Issue v1.7 – Want: Gadgets

    Issue v1.7 – Want: Gadgets
    Martha Pierce

    The Rationalizer


    Ever wish you could employ a little devil to sit on your shoulder and let you know when you need to just chill the eff out? There’s a gadget for that. Enter The Rationalizer, one that snaps onto your wrist and uses a “galvanic skin response” to detect your true feelings. (Sidenote: The Rationalizer is proven to work better on men, apparently because they’re considered to be more emotional investors.) And as our lives shift toward being more tech-focused, as the world is, every day, why not use emerging technology as much as possible, right? Using units this ingenius team dubs the EmoBracelet and EmoBowl, the bracelet itself (and inner bowl) light up with yellow, orange and red sensors as you’re about to lose your cool and indicating you should take a deeeeep breath.

    LG MFFM20

    LG MFFM20  2

    We’re not saying music can take your troubles away, but we’re not not saying that, either. Forgo your iPod for a while with the LG MFFM20 – no, there probably couldn’t be any more random letters in all caps in that name. According to our friends at Trend Hunter, the app’s got sleek sex appeal, 1GB of memory and 20 hours of battery – plus, it boasts a ‘music therapy’ feature you’ve just got to try to find out. The gadget’s been released for some time now, so we’ll let you buy and see. The price is right for piece of mind.

    Manual CoffeeMaker

    Nothing perks us up better than coffee – I mean, we are a team of workaholics, after all. The Craighton Berman design studio has invited a ‘slow coffee-maker’ that allows you to sit, grind and peacefully sip away…one cup at a time. The fact that this little toy practically looks like a work of art will keep you coming back. And hey, the brew likely ain’t bad either. See it here (link to the word here). (Editor’s note: we actually don’t know yet; the prototype for this coffee anti-machine is slated to launch in Summer 2013 with the aid of a Kickstarter campaign.)

    The emWave

    The emWave

    Developed by a team of truly dedicated scientists, the emWave is actually proven to reduce stress. It’s a pretty penny to own at $196 plus tax, but the science behind it will actually get your emotions in check and you back to a normal state of mind. The relief you’ll feel is 100% worth it. (Trust us – we tested it!)

    Eyezone Eye Massager

    Eyezone Eye Massager

    Are you anti-Advil but still prone to the chronic hangover headache – or any other kind of aches and pains? Meet your new best friend, the Eyezone Eye Massager. Strap it on and feel its foam pads, equipped with mini vibrators (no, not those!) massage your eyes, cheeks and sinus regions, giving you the kind of natural relief that only a fantastic massage can offer. At £12.95, it’s a buy you’ll pop on after a long day. Let the sighs of relief begin.