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This article was published on May 16, 2013

Instagram turns on ‘Photos of You’ section for everyone, here’s how to control the pictures you’re tagged in

Instagram turns on ‘Photos of You’ section for everyone, here’s how to control the pictures you’re tagged in

Instagram on Thursday reminded all its users that today is the day its new “Photos of You” section is being turned on for everyone. This means everyone who can currently see your profile is now able to see all the pictures that you have been tagged in.

The feature was first announced two weeks ago but was only available if you chose to opt-in. Now it’s available for everyone, but thankfully you can choose whether photos others add of you appear on your profile automatically or only once you select them.

If you don’t want pictures of you to show up automatically, turn on the option to manually select which photos appear on your profile by following these three steps:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the icon for all photos you’re tagged in.
  2. Tap the Android menu icon or the iPhone wrench icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap “Add Manually.”

These instructions remind us that Instagram is still not available for Windows Phone nor BlackBerry. We still think this will change in the coming months, as bringing in more potential users is always more important than adding incremental features like this one:

The new “Photos of You” section is clearly influenced by Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. The world’s largest social network has been keeping track of photos people are tagged in for years. On Instagram though, only the taker of a photo is able to tag people in it, unlike on Facebook where other people can suggest tags of themselves or others.

It’s also one of those features that will be useful whenever Instagram finally decides to offer a full-blown website. There needs to be more on those large screens than just photos and ads.

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Top Image Credit: Elliot Bennett