This article was published on March 17, 2009

A list of all the major iPhone 3.0 updates, nice and neat for you

A list of all the major iPhone 3.0 updates, nice and neat for you
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With 30 million individual iPhone’s sold, 25000 applications available for download and with over 50,000 developers – Apple have created an incredible platform in record time.

Apple’s latest round of updates have seen an immense number of notable improvements and features.


Let’s go through the new features, grab a coffee…this may take a while.

Cut, Copy and Paste
You can also copy and paste web content as well as regular text you might be typing. If you didn’t mean to paste something, shake your phone in order to Undo (or Redo) your paste.

You can send and receive Photos right over the network. Contacts (VCard). Audio files. Or your location. No word about video yet though.

Mail Search
You can now search inside all of the major default iPhone applications, including Mail. In Mail you can also search email not downloaded, i.e. still on your server!

Email Multiple Photos
You can now send multiple photos by tapping the action button, selecting a bunch of photos, copying, and then pasting it into Mail.

You can now you can use landscape mode in “all key applications” including Mail.

App Subscriptions
Applications will now be able to charge on a subscription basis.

Text Message Forwarding and Deleting
You can forward and delete messages–individual messages or multiple messages.

Spotlight for iPhone!
Instead of having to slide between screens you can now simply flick your finger left from your home screen and start typing whatever application you’re looking for. Superb. It essentially becomes your new home screen.

Calendar Updates
CalDAV has been added, particularly useful for shared calendars.

Notes Sync
You can now sync your notes between the iPhone and Desktop

Voice memo application.
Allows you to record audio.

Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support
High quality audio can now be streamed from your iphone to another device via Bluetooth.

Peer to Peer Connectivity
Two iPhones or Touch’s and any other supported device will be able to connect directly —peer-to-peer—via Wi-Fi, without needing any Wi-Fi network. They can discover each other initially using Bluetooth, and then start a Wi-Fi connection automatically. You can send files via both devices.

Accessories SDK
You can now communicate directly with other accessories. So you’ll be able to control your TV’s volume for example.

Maps API in Apps
Notice how in some applications your directed over to Google Maps whenever the application needs to show you a map? Well no more, maps can be integrated into applications.

Turn by Turn
iPhone app developers can now create applications that perform turn by turn functionality as you have become familiar with on its google maps application.

Push Notifications
So no background apps but Apple have introduced “push notifications” which will mean you can still receive notifications from applications even if they aren’t actually running – particularly useful for instant messaging clients.

Voice Communication within Applications
So say your playing a shoot em’ up on the iPhone. With this update you’ll be able to talk against your competitor from within the app. Just like you would do with a headset on your desktop.

Update apps from within apps
So games can “sell” you new levels for example.

…When and How Much??

iPhone OS 3.0 will be a free upgrade to all iPhone users, including the first generation iPhones. iPod touch users will be able to buy it for $9.95. The beta version is available to developers now but the final release won’t be until the summer.

With great thanks to Gizmodo for their awesome live coverage of the event!