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The only 4/20 weed gear guide you’ll ever need

As Nate Dogg said, "smoke weed everyday"

The only 4/20 weed gear guide you’ll ever need
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The days when weed was an underground pastime are over. The game’s changed. Hell, there are whole US states where weed is legal.

The same process has happened with 4/20 (AKA that weird weed day). It used to be a niche concern, but now? Countries across the world hold massive smoking rallies and innumerable people light-up to celebrate the occasion.

Here at TNW, we wanted to do something to help you celebrate 4/20 properly. Despite the weed industry expanding substantially over the last decade, there’s still a lot of shit products out there. So, we decided to round-up some of our favorite weed-related products. Enjoy!


Vapes have gotten a lot better over the years and we’ve found the best of the best.

Davinci IQ

The raised mouthpiece is an add-on that’s included in the box.

We’ve tested a fair number of portable weed vapes at TNW. While a lot of them are good, there are two that stand above the crowd: the Davinci IQ and the Pax 3. Both of these dry herb vapes are amazing, but which one you choose is down to personal preference. So, first off, let’s talk about the Davinci IQ.

You can read the full review here, but the IQ is perfect for people who want a rugged vape that can deliver an easily customizable smoke. What separates it from the crowd is the build quality (the IQ feels like it could survive being dropped off a building), the fine smoking experience, and the way you can choose a specific temperature on the device itself.

Basically, it’s the ideal portable weed vape for someone who’s particular about how they smoke. A wonderful device for 4/20.

You can pick up the Davinci IQ for $250 here. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 also has a raised mouthpiece, but the photographed model is using the normal flat one.

The other big hitter in the vape world is the aforementioned Pax 3. Where the Davinci IQ is tough and hardy, the Pax 3 is stylish and sophisticated. This isn’t a vape that screams “STONER;” instead it’s a lot more reminiscent of Apple devices – something our glowing review pointed out.

Simply put, the Pax 3 is a brilliant, all-round weed vape. It’s phenomenally easy to use, delivers a top quality smoke, and, well, is just a fancy bit of hardware. On top of that, if you get the complete kit (which costs at extra $50), it also comes with a concentrate oven, meaning you can use the Pax 3 to smoke hash. It comes highly (lol) recommended, whether you’re new to vapes or are looking for a sleek upgrade.

Grab yourself the fanciest weed vape around for $250 right here

Puffco Peak

You put a splash of water in the glass part, so it functions a little bit like a bong.

We mentioned that the Pax 3 can has a concentrate oven that can handle hash, but what if you want more functionality in this space? What if you want something that can handle dabs? Then, friends, you need the Puffco Peak.

This portable e-rig is perfect if you’re partial to concentrates. Whether you’re a beginner in the space or have iron lungs, the device is easy-to-use and delivers a wonderful smoke. The ideal choice if concentrates are your bag.

If you’re going to be dabbing this 4/20, the $398 Puffco Peak is the device for you.


There’s no need to charge this device or do anything, apart from smoke.

Maybe you’re not interested in any of the great vapes above. Maybe you want something that requires literally zero effort. Then say hello to the Binske disposable vape pen.

This little baby is filled with 250 puffs worth of cannabis oil and provides you with a flawless, tasty, and effortless smoke. Ideal if, well, you just can’t be assed to mess around and just want to get high quickly. And, on some level, isn’t that what 4/20 is all about?

To see where stocks the Binske disposable vape pen, check here.


First off, no, CBD isn’t going to get you high.  This is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, which is one of the cannabinoids that appear in the marijuana plant. Unlike its famous cousin THC though, CBD isn’t psychoactive. But what it does do is help with things like relaxation, nausea, and general pain relief.

CBD gummies

This particular batch are watermelon flavored.

One of the most popular ways to take CBD is with oil. For me though, the best approach is using gummies – and the ones from CBD’R US have been my favorite so far.

Each sweet comes with 10mg of CBD and you can start experimenting by simply eating one. It’s as easy as that. No need to worry about dosages, or how many drops, munch a gummy and feel the benefits.

A pack of CBD gummies will set you back $24 and you can get them here.


Every enterprising stoner knows they need a few bits of kit if they’re going to blaze to the best of their abilities. Here are some of those things.

Rogue Paq

It’s about the size of a tin of beans.

I know I said this list is stuff that every stoner needs, but I couldn’t resist including the Rogue Paq. This fancy vape travel case is far from necessary (and at $325 for the leather version, it isn’t cheap either), but it sure is cool.

The pictured version is made from vegan leather and costs $190. It has a range of pockets and slots in which you can keep your smokeables, plus it’s been built to suppress the smell of your stankiest nugz. Have a look at the inside:

The inside is very, very soft.

Is it necessary? No. But is it beautiful? Damn straight.

Pick up your own flamboyant Rogue Paq vape travel case for $325 here.

Toilet bowl pipe

A toilet *bowl* – get it?

Look, I couldn’t not put something stupid on this list. Idiocy and childishness are core parts of the weed experience. Which, basically, is why this toilet bowl pipe is included.

That bit of metal comes out the top, attaches to the rear (becoming a pipe), and the toilet lid lifts up so you can use it as a bowl. That’s… it. A silly little toy to get high with, which can be yours for under $15.

You can get the pipe from Qooru here, or on eBay here.

RAW rolling papers

Nothing but respect for my president.

I’ve used a lot of different rolling papers in my time, but I keep coming back to one brand: RAW. These papers are additive-free, 100 percent vegan, and smoke great. What else do you need?

Go and buy yourself a box of 50 packs for $24 to celebrate 4/20.

A grinder

Yes, I’m aware it needs a clean.

Photographed is my grinder and I love the damn thing. It’s a simple, plastic, magnetic grinder and it gets the job done. If you don’t have one of your own, rectify that. Which is easy, when you can get one for under $6.

Pick up your very own grinder for 4/20 here.

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