Samsung Galaxy S8 owners report their phones are randomly restarting

samsung, galaxy s8

The mysterious reddish tint might not be the only issue Samsung is experiencing with its smash-hit Galaxy S8 flagship. Numerous users are reporting their all-new handsets are randomly restarting by themselves.

While it remains unclear what could be causing the glitch, it appears the issue persists in both the standard S8 and its slightly bigger S8+ sibling. Concerned owners have taken to Reddit, the XDA Developers forums as well as the Samsung US Community page to complain about the issue.

According to complaints from users, some handsets have restarted over five times within the first 10 hours of using the device.

Some users speculate the issue might stem from a malfunction with the microSD card, suggesting removing the card could work as a temporary fix. Others claim the bug continues to persist even after removing the SD card.

One user claims Samsung customer service recommended booting the phone S8 in safe mode, suggesting the abrupt restarts could be the result of issues related to third-party apps.

As Android Authority remarks, while “it’s not uncommon for smartphones to require a restart or two when they’re fresh out the box,” this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Meanwhile, Samsung has already begun rolling out its software fix for the reddish tint. Chances are the South Korean giant will drop a similar fix for the rebooting issue, if it turns out to be software and not hardware related.

We’ve contacted the company for further comment and will update this piece accordingly should we hear back.

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