Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature rear fingerprint scanner and desktop dock

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As the Galaxy S8 rumorfest continues to intensify, The Guardian has published a hefty report of Samsung leaks – and while the material appears to corroborate previous speculation rather than offer new details, we might finally have some clarity as to what we can expect from the flagship handset.

Right off the bat, the publication suggests the device will be available in two different sizes in the 5-inch to 6-inch range. Codenamed ‘Dream’ and ‘Dream 2,’ both variants will feature the company’s new ‘infinity’ display with curved sides and very little bezel.

Citing two undisclosed insiders, The Guardian claims the screen will stretch right to the edges of the body, leaving barely any space to put Samsung’s logo or brand name at the front. While the S8 will feature a front-facing biometric iris sensor, the fingerprint scanner will purportedly move to the rear side of the device.

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In line with earlier speculation, the sources indicate the handset will pack an S7-like ‘duo pixel’ camera – but with boosted image-capturing capabilities. It will also cram the upgraded Snapdragon 835 processor, which Qualcomm developed in collaboration with the South Korean phone-maker itself.

The Galaxy S8 will also likely introduce Samsung’s long-rumored voice-enabled virtual assistant Bixby, which will support effortless mobile payments as well as other convenience-oriented functions. The report isn’t ruling out the possibility Google Assistant might also land on the device.

Among other things, The Guardian casts further doubt on previously questioned rumors suggesting the S8 could be axing the headphone jack, which at this point makes it safe to say that the Big S won’t be pulling off an Apple this time around.

Perhaps most intriguing is the theory that Samsung might indeed be moving forward with its desktop-like functionality that would offer users a legitimate PC-experience straight from their smartphones. The feature will ultimately allow S8 owners to plug their device to a monitor – as well as other peripherals like a mouse and a keyboard – for an improvised desktop experience.

Assuming The Guardian’s sources are indeed credible, you can expect Samsung to announce the new Galaxy S8 in late March, with the official launch slated for mid-April.

What else would you like to see in the S8? Let us know down in the comments.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to have bigger 'infinity' display, insiders say on The Guardian

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