Designer beautifully reimagines Windows XP for 2018

It’s been nearly 17 years since we first got our hands on Windows XP, and Microsoft’s interface design sensibilities have changed a lot in that time. But if you still have love in your heart for that bold blue taskbar and XP’s other delightful accoutrements, take a look at Kamer Kaan Avdan’s gorgeous reimagining of the OS for 2018.

Avdan’s concept brings back several memorable elements with contemporary styling – from the welcome screen to the window toolbars, and the Start menu. It also accommodates the Windows 10 app search experience, and replaces Cortana’s bland circle with Rover, the cheerful animated dog from Microsoft Bob – a lovely little blast from the past.

Now, if only Microsoft would consider building some themes so we could change up the way Windows looked – and ideally, took some cues from Avdan while it’s at it – we’d all be happy campers.

Find more beautiful UI concepts – including a slick ‘Windows 11‘ one that brings in more of Microsoft’s Fluent Design language, over on Avdan’s YouTube channel.

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