New Insider build in Windows 10 brings good news for gamers

New Insider build in Windows 10 brings good news for gamers
Credit: Mike Mozart

Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider build 16226 yesterday with a string of new features. The most exciting add-in: GPU tracking in the task manager. Currently the task manager tracks CPU utilization, memory, and other metrics but there’s been no native GPU support until now.

This is great news for gamers who struggle with finding the right graphics settings. Currently the only option is to install third-party GPU support, which can take up resources of its own and often comes with a learning curve.

I look forward to the ease-of-use that comes with quickly being able get feedback on GPU usage while I’m trying to determine the perfect graphics settings for games that don’t feature built-in benchmarking.

Other features added to the newest preview build including new emoji support, a built-in currency converter for the calculator app, and upgrades to the Edge browser.

Advanced users may be shrugging at the news – they’ve been doing fine without it – but the new GPU tracking should delight your average gamer. I’m looking forward to the update, which should be out this fall according to Microsoft.

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