Microsoft launches Office 365 Admin for Windows Phone, Android and iOS apps to follow ‘in the coming weeks’

Microsoft launches Office 365 Admin for Windows Phone, Android and iOS apps to follow ‘in the coming ...

Microsoft today launched a new Office 365 communication tool for Windows Phone, and promised to follow up with Android (4.2.1 and up) and iOS 7 apps “in the coming weeks.” You can download the new app now directly from the Windows Phone Store.

Office 365 Admin offers health checks, meaning it’s meant for Office 365 service administrators that want to connect to their organization’s Office 365 service status while on the go. The new app lets administrators to view service health information, maintenance status updates, filter information by service subscriptions, and configure app data refresh intervals.


The app’s description includes the following disclaimer:

You need to have an active Office 365 subscription with administrator user rights to use this app. This app does not currently support Windows Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication.

The former is rather obvious but the latter is a bit disappointing given that the feature arrived back in September. Microsoft further wouldn’t say when it plans to support the important security functionality.

It looks like the Office team got Microsoft’s memo to support Windows Phone first. Earlier this week, the team launched Office Remote for the platform, though it didn’t say Android nor iOS apps would follow.

With both Office 2013 and Office 365 available, Microsoft is conducting quite a juggling act with keeping support running for both platforms. Today’s app is just for the latter, while Office Remote is meant to function with both.

Nevertheless, Microsoft plans to keep supporting both. Office 365 is designed to get the latest features as soon as they’re available (it’s a cloud service after all), while just yesterday the company announced Office 2013 SP1 is coming early next year.

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