Microsoft investigating issue with pen detection affecting subset of Surface Pro owners

Microsoft investigating issue with pen detection affecting subset of Surface Pro owners

A key selling point for the Surface Pro is its inclusion of ‘pen’ technology, in that is ships with a pen, and can accept that form of input, granting users another method by which to interact with the device.

Since the launch of the Surface Pro, Microsoft has already promised updates for the included pen technology, and is working with partners to ensure that the Surface Pro and, say, Photoshop, pair well together. The company might not be out the woods entirely, however, as reports of a new issue have come to the fore.

On the Microsoft Answer’s community, several of Surface Pro owners are reporting issues with their pen and tablet partnership. Noting that pen detection had ceased after some usage, ‘Culex4096’ on the forums reports that Microsoft encouraged him to uninstall the driver, and reboot, which appears to have worked in the short term.

Another user chimed in, reporting a similar issue, and that after some reboots, pen detection would reappear, but only temporarily.

Naturally, after just a few reports, we would not bring you the story. However, given the already acknowledged pen issues and coming updates, and that Microsoft informed TNW that they are looking into the new issue, this is firm enough to discuss.

High Demand

Supply constraints have kept demand for the Surface Pro 128GB SKU high, as those looking for one are still struggling to get their hands on a device. Microsoft has declined to provide the market with hard sales figures, but it would appear that whatever demand level they prepared for, it was insufficient.

GeekWire, well plugged into such topics, reported today that some Microsoft stores are receiving fresh supply of the elusive tablets, but that catching one might require a slightly more powerful Pokeball:

Heads up: A short time ago, the Microsoft Store at Seattle’s University Village received a new shipment of Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, including the elusive 128GB model, but the supplies are still so limited that they expect them to be gone in as little as an hour. The Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square is still out of stock.

Well then.

The media – TNW included – was on the whole somewhat lukewarm concerning the Surface Pro. However, it would appear that Microsoft has built a device that connects well to at least one demographic. Naturally, how long demand will outstrip supply is a flexible question, given that factors concerning the current imbalance are multifaceted, but Redmond must certainly be content to watch its hardware fans scramble for a  taste of its new engineering prowess.

When Microsoft provides us with more, we’ll bring it to you.

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