Microsoft Flight is now available for free download

Microsoft Flight is now available for free download

Ahead of its big Windows 8 event in Barcelona, due to start any minute at the time of writing, Microsoft has made Flight, its new flight simulator, available as a free download.

Making a scheduled landing today, the sim is designed as an easily accessible alternative to the full-on Flight Simulator X, and Microsoft has opted for a free-to-play model, with expansion packs being charged for.

Having taken an early look at the sim, our own Alex Wilhelm noted: “Flight will likely attract a casual audience, and given its no cost, a large one. However, this will do little to disrupt the yet popular Flight Simulator X, a game that has its own cottage industry that create modifications and models for the game.”

If you want to get flying, follow the link below to download this PC-only game.

➤ Microsoft Flight


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