Forget the tech wars, Xbox and YouTube are now best friends

Forget the tech wars, Xbox and YouTube are now best friends

Heads up Xbox 360 owners: The YouTube app is live for your console, and it is set to contain some very relevant content for your gaming life. According to YouTube today, the app will contain ‘reviews, cheats, and walkthroughs’ among other programming content. Microsoft declared yesterday that the app would contain “[users’] favorite web original video to gaming tips, a universe of compelling content.”

It’s interesting that Microsoft is tailoring the app to gamers, as it has recently been pushing with gusto to make the Xbox line its complete living room play, replete with features that appeal to people who do not game. The larger Xbox video content push is a component of this; the YouTube app is part of that effort. For the full list of what is going live right now on the Xbox, head here.

The Xbox 360 recently rolled out a new ‘dashboard’ experience, which we brought to you when it came out:

The new update doesn’t just refresh the visuals of the Xbox Dashboard, it ushers in a number of new voice and gesture controls that will help users discover new content and improve navigation through the various menus within the Dashboard itself.

Basically, Microsoft is putting all of its efforts into developing the Xbox 360 into more than a games machine; it wants users to perform web searches, enjoy TV shows and films and hopes to engage console owners with new, custom applications to bring all media content together in one place.

However, the YouTube app shows that gaming remains a core focus for the console, as we expected; Microsoft is likely loathe to potentially stress its relationship with passionate gamers. In other news, the next Xbox device is expect to be released next year, with its first public outing potentially occurring at the E3 event.

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