Newly discovered video shows off Nokia’s Windows Phone plans

Newly discovered video shows off Nokia’s Windows Phone plans

Mobile watchdog MyNokiaBlog recently uncovered a very interesting video: A clip that shows off a handful of Nokia handsets running the Windows Phone operating system, we assume 7.5, and also provides a first taste as to how the Finnish company may brand its future phones.

We are giving the video a ‘likely legitimate’ rating. WinRumors, who brought the video to our attention, thinks that it “appears to be an internal marketing video used to show the future of Nokia and Microsoft’s new Windows Phone partnership.” We share the sentiment.

The video itself, just over one minute in length, contains more than one handset, including one that is quite obviously a theoretical design, as it appears to be outside of the market’s current technological capabilities.

Sadly, the video itself isn’t very high-res, as it appears to have been recorded on a mobile device pointed at a screen being illuminated by a projector. Watch it, and we’ll circle back afterwards:

It is nice to see, assuming that this is real and we are not being had, that Nokia is putting this level of thought so early into its yet unreleased WP7 handsets. The Nokia partnership is a cornerstone of Microsoft’s strategy to ignite growth in its mobile line, and if it whiffs, the firm will be out its trap card.

There are other potential partners that Microsoft could attract, but Nokia is its largest bet at the moment. Then again, if Nokia can release hardware that excites, and what the video showed has the potential to do so, Microsoft could end up with all its eggs in the right basket.

Sound off in the comments, what did you think of the video?

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