Microsoft breaks the law to promote Windows Phone 7, their PR firm ducks

Microsoft breaks the law to promote Windows Phone 7, their PR firm ducks

When we brought you the news that NYC had been chalked to support Windows Phone 7, we noted at the end that we expected a similar campaign to occur in San Francisco. After all, Microsoft is hosting two concerts, one in each city to promote their phones.

It turns out that we called it, the sidewalk graffiti did turn up in the lovely SF, it just isn’t going over very well.

According to WMPoweruser, the Microsoft PR firm is running from the acts (we are unsure of their involment), and government is not enthused:

Microsoft’s PR company  Waggener Edstrom, disavowed any knowledge of the act [TNW: sidewalk graffiti], with Christine Falvey, director of communications for the city’s Department of Public Works calling it illegal.

We have said it once, we will say it again, if you have Microsoft’s budget, who cares? At worst, the company could be fined, and their punishment (assuming again that Redmond was behind the act, which is pretty obvious) will probably be just removal of the print.

Still, the concerts are coming up as is the launch of Windows Phone 7 here in the US. Never underestimate the drive of Microsoft to have a successful launch.

A big thanks to MissionLocal for finding the images and sending them to us, great guys.

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