Microsoft chalks NYC green for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft chalks NYC green for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is continuing to promote the concerts that will support the launch of Windows Phone 7 in New York City and San Francisco, now by chalking notes on the sidewalk about the events.

As we noted before, Microsoft has partnered with Katy Perry and Maroon 5 to hold shows on the 8th, the day that Windows Phone 7 launches in the US. Tickets will be given out at select AT&T stores. You can find our previous coverage of the events and their details here.

This is what the chalk marks look like, image via our friends at WinRumors:

While the art might leave something to be desired, we will say it again: Microsoft is determined to have the US WP7 launch be a success. This is their hail mary mobile pass, and after a strong international start, Microsoft wants the US launch to follow suit.

If you see any chalk outlines in San Francisco, let us know, we suspect that a similar campaign might be underway. Are you going to go to one of the concerts?

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