No custom ringtones allowed on Windows Phone 7

No custom ringtones allowed on Windows Phone 7

Now that Windows Phone 7 is out and about in the market, what do we know now that we didn’t before? One thing now seems plain: Microsoft has not built a custom ringtone solution into the platform.

Whether that will have a strong impact on sales or not (we are guessing no), it is an interesting last minute revelation. We noted before that Windows Phone 7 does have some feature gaps that perhaps lend a hand to the idea that at the last minute a few corners had to be cut to ship Windows Phone 7 on time.

Not that this is surprising or all that detrimental to the platform as it is easily remedied with a later software update, but it does point to the urgency that Windows Phone 7 is operating under.

PocketNow took the time to run thought the ringtone situation, and as it turns out, some carriers are adding ringtones to the mix to spruce up what Microsoft put together. To get an idea of what is up for use, check out the video:

Given that this is just about the worst thing that we have heard about the phones since they launched, you have to give Microsoft a few points. Are you going to get one of the phones?

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