Report: Disney+ adds Nick Fury to its lineup of Marvel shows

Report: Disney+ adds Nick Fury to its lineup of Marvel shows
Credit: Disney

Disney is reportedly adding yet another Disney+ show to its Marvel queue — this time, starring Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. While Disney has not yet confirmed it, it would be in keeping with the pattern of the other Disney+ shows: it gives much-needed screentime to a character often crowded out in Avenger-filled movies, of whom we desperately need to see more.

The report comes from Variety, which reports that Jackson will reprise his role as the character, while Tyler Bradstreet of Mr. Robot is attached as the show’s writer. In case you aren’t familiar, Jackson claimed the rights to the movie role years ago when his face was used (without his consent) as the model for the character in the Ultimates series. When his agents contacted Marvel, they offered him first rights to any screen portrayal of the character by way of apology. And hot diggity, that little bit of infringement paying off for both parties in spades.

Nick Fury’s been an ever-present figure in the MCU, having first appeared in the original Iron Man 12 years ago. Yet, for all that, he’s never been a spotlight character and none of the characters seem to know him that well, with the possible exception of Maria Hill and Captain Marvel. Assuming this series isn’t binned by a bearish Disney, his background as head of SHIELD would be make for some fascinating stories.

This is a continuation of Disney giving its most interesting Marvel characters (yes they are, fight me) future shows on Disney+ as opposed to movies of their own. I was originally annoyed on behalf of Scarlet Witch, who I love, that she wasn’t getting a movie, but I’m appeased by the fact that the trailer for WandaVision looks better than just about anything else I’ve seen Disney produce in the last year, with the exception of Baby Yoda.

Just to make sure you’re up to speed, Disney now has shows for these characters in the pipeline:

  • Winter Soldier and Falcon
  • Scarlet Witch and Vision
  • Loki
  • She-Hulk
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Hawkeye
  • Moon Knight
  • and now, Nick Fury

Again, I’m excited to see more of these characters (with the possible exception of Hawkeye). While none of them have solid release dates, rumor has it WandaVision will be released this December.

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