Virgin Media adds YouTube to channel listings on TiVo boxes in the UK

Virgin Media adds YouTube to channel listings on TiVo boxes in the UK

Following the news that Google had signed a deal with Freesat to launch a new YouTube portal on its free-to-air service, Virgin Media subscribers will now be able to access the video service from their channel listings, as long as they have a TiVo box.

While Virgin Media subscribers have previously been able to launch the dedicated YouTube app from the ‘Apps & Games’ section on their set-top boxes, Virgin Media is now positioning it alongside regular channels by giving it a slot in its electronic programme guide.

If you own a TiVo box, you can access the app by selecting channel 198. This will display a loading screen which requires a press of the Red Button to activate.


It’s the first app to be included in Virgin Media’s guide, and it has also been integrated in the ‘My Shows’ and ‘Search and Browse’ sections.

Francisco Varela, Global Director Platform Partnerships at YouTube said: “We’re always looking for new ways to bring the exciting content generated by our creator community to viewers and are delighted that the YouTube app now has a place in Virgin Media’s channel listings.”


Image Credit: jm3/Flickr

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